Mens WT Championships 1981-2011 Vol. 2

he late great Gary Kline's book "The Official N.H.P.A History of the World Tournament 1909-1980", Vol. 1, is slightly misnamed since it only covers the men's events. But that won't stop me from continuing the book into Volume Two. I realize the World Tournament is much more than just the Mens Division, but it can be argued that the Mens Division is special. The Mens Division is the oldest, the largest, and most would say, it carries the most skill. At the very least, the Mens Championship group is the most skilled group pitching from the longest distance. So this book covers the Mens Division Championship group from the years 1981 through 2011. I decided to cover just theses years to avoid problems with research and to preserve accuracy. All of the 31 tournament's results are readily available so the purpose here is to put them all together in a single document and to compile statistical data. The fact that the book covers the first 30 years of the 40 point area makes for a nice break off point for statistics.
   Mr. Kline no doubt had a very difficult time acquiring information and data concerning the beginnings of the so called "World" Horseshoe Pitching Tournament. My job is a lot easier and covers a time period that parallels the life of the personal computer, the start of the "40 point" game era, indoor pitching, and large numbers of World Tournament entries. Most of the great pitchers from this era are still alive and the electronic means of the world today makes it a much smaller place than in Gary's time. My hat goes off to Gary Kline for his outstanding work; I only hope I can put to paper the next thirty one years of Mens Championship pitching in a manner that Gary would have approved of.