Mens WT Championships 1981-2011 Vol. 2

n no particular order, the following people helped me compile the information for this book. Some helped a little and some helped a lot, but all helped and probably several more that I have forgotten. Sorry about that. I tried very hard to compile the facts and figures with in-depth precision, but let's be real, it's hard to do.
For example, the 1984 playoff games between Carl Steinfeldt and Jim Knisley are recorded several places as to who won and by what score. I have a copy of the local newspaper from Huntsville, Alabama which describes the playoff games, but nowhere that I can find, including from Jim Knisley himself, is the actual ringer and shoe count for any of the three playoff games posted or known. This makes figuring their lifetime averages impossible in terms of pure accuracy. How far are they off, maybe a couple of thousands, but they're off. A purist like me thinks they should be right on. Thanks to all these contributors:

Casey Sluys, Casey has been a long time competitor, fellow charter officer, proof reader and most of all, friend. He supplies me with data, inspiration, and at times a shoulder to cry on. He supplied me with critical documents from past World Tournaments (WT's) and added many pieces of color commentary. Casey also contributed many photos shown throughout this book.

Glenn Jaimeson, The NATSTATS Guy. Glenn set me on course to what I call "extreme stats" where perfection is expected, not an accident. He also supplied vital documents from past WT's.

Mel Yockstick, The Colorado "Stat Master". Mel is another "extreme stats" guy whom I work with and lean on for lists and record accuracy. He cuts me no slack and I expect no less. He may have been doing stats in the womb, there's no way to tell.