Mens WT Championships 1981-2011 Vol. 2

   Gary T. Kline dedicated his book, Volume One of this series, to the pitchers from the past of whom he could never find out about or could not find their first names. This inspired me to write Volume Two to include just the next 31 years so that research would be fairly easy and the majority of players would still be alive. The 31 years includes the last year of 50 point games and the first 30 years of 40 point games. My dedication goes to some of the people who have influenced my life and interest in horseshoe pitching. I want to start with my dad who pitched shoes with a fair degree of accuracy. He pitched while I was young and though I didn't pitch much with him, I did gain an appreciation for the game. He also had a knack for keeping stats on all kinds of things. I guess it rubbed off. Next came a man named Elmer Wilson, founder of the Yolo Horseshoe Pitching Club in Davis California, who taught me that if you love something, give something back to it. He gave his time and money for the sport he loved. May I ever fill even one of his shoes!! Then came the great horseshoe pitchers that I witnessed in the late 80's and 90's. These included Jesse Gonzales, Don Titcomb and Walter Ray Williams Jr. to name a few and they all contributed to my fascination with World Tournament pitching, especially the Men's Division. And lastly, there was the late Glenn Jamieson who taught me the need for absolute precision and the fact that "rules are rules" which separates activities from sports. These people shaped my horseshoe pitching life and for that, I thank them.