Mens WT Championships 1981-2011 Vol. 2

The Best of All-Time

Well here it is, who's the best? The list is fairly short, but potent all the same. Shall we crown Alan Francis with 16 World titles, how about Ted Allen with 10 titles and 786 total wins? How about Elmer Hohl with the highest lifetime pitching percentage of 82.75%? I'll just present some facts and ideas about several pitchers that most consider as candidates and you can decide. The list will be presented alphabetically for obvious reasons.

Ted Allen: For years Ted was considered the Babe Ruth of Horseshoe Pitchers. His 10 World Championships were the gold standard. He was so confident that he suggested ways to change the tournament format to give other pitchers a chance. He won 786 games and carried an overall average of 79.51%. He had win streaks of 38, 51, 53, and 67 games while playing an outstanding cast of competitors including: Fernando Isais, Guy Zimmerman, Casey Jones, Don Titcomb and others. He went undefeated in three different tournaments.

Curt Day: Curt only won three World crowns, but here's what he did. He pitched in 17 tournaments and finished first or second eight times. His lowest tournament was sixth as he was never out of the top ten. He is second on the all-time career percentage list at 82.62% and eighth on the wins list with 497.

Alan Francis: Alan has won 16 titles including eight in a row. His winning streak made it to 118 games in a row when it was broken in 2010. In Volume I, Kline stated that he thought Isais's streaks of six straight tournaments wins and 69 games in a row might never be broken. So much for that. I guess it's my time to state that Alan's records will never be broken. Alan has the top three tournament averages and four of the top six. He is top on the all-time winning percentage having won 88.55% of the games he has