HS Master Updates


HSMaster Version 1.1.187 If you have version 1.1.143 installed on your computer this version will install without having to delete anything. Please read all the install notes below.

HSMaster Version 1.1.143 will require you to delete your old version of HSMaster, it is extremely important that you follow the steps outlined below. During the install process it will create a new folder C:\HSMasterData where your database (HSMaster.mdb) and all the reports will default to. The program itself stills exists in C:\Program Files\HSMaster. but any new databases created and reports will be in the new directory. Once you have installed the new version you will not have to uninstall again for future updates.

  1.  Back up your current files, it is critical you back up you current database. In the trial runs a few users have lost their information.
     If you don't know how follow these link for instructions. Windows 7VistaXP
    Or simply copy the files to a memory stick, cd, dvd or external drive.
  2.  Uninstall your  current version of HSMaster.
    XP users Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/  select HSMaster , select Remove, close all screens, reboot your machine.
    Vista  and Windows 7 Start>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall  select HSMaster
  3. Step 3. Download and install the new program. (Click here to download)
  4. Copy or move your "Backups" to C:\HSMasterData\. This update comes with a blank HSMaster.mdb database. You can safely overwrite the file with your existing file. This step will not be required for future updates.

What is new in HSMaster 1.1.143

Player>Profile,  PlayerID is no longer required. The column is not visible and is populated automatically by the software. It is still used internally to tie information together. When entering a player if a duplicate Card Number is entered a warning will be issued, but you will be allowed to continue if you wish. However you may enter in players with no card number or all zeros for the card number, and no warning will be issued.

Player>Profile> "Cat" category and "St" state have become required fields before a player is accepted into the database.

Tournaments>Setup> A new Column called “Report” has been added, by clicking this box it will on the “Reports” screen allow you to select “Marked” classes for use in events that use “Move Ups”, IE: Championship classes at the world. The top  X percentage pitches move into the class.

Tournaments>Entries. Two new columns were added to this screen. Shoes and Ringers. This provides an easy way to record tournament results within  HSMaster (in the case that you are not running the tournament with your computer). To use this option, Setup the Tournament under Tournaments>Setup. DO NOT setup any classes. Go to Tournament>Entries and select the Players that were in the tournament. Enter in the Shoes and Ringers for those players. Then select Tournaments>Post. Post the tournament and then send the results to NATSTATS.

Tournament>Play Singles> Two new tabs at the bottom separate "Results" from the "Round Robin cards". This allowed the Export option to be moved to the bottom under Results, now you always have the Export available. Also you have Copies which allows you to select how many copies of the results you with to print, and you have a Brief option which removes some columns from the Results.  On the Round Robins tab there is a new option to print a Work Sheet that can be used in numerous ways. Results of each game can be recorded and then brought to the main computer for entry when Electronic scorekeeping is use without a network.  These same enhancements have NOT been done for Play Doubles.

Tournaments>Reports. There is a new combo for limiting data that is printed on the reports. There are two values available: All classes and Marked Classes. Default is All Classes and it will behave exactly as it did in the past. However if you go into Tournaments>Setup and go to the individual classes, and mark the “Report” column with a checkbox, and then run the reports with “Marked Classes” selected in the combo box, then only the classes which are checked “ON” will be reported. This applies to all Tournament reports.

Tournaments>Reports>Move Up.  This is typically ran with “Marked Classes” and it is a way of identifying whom is moving into Championship class. This was used at the World and it can be applied to your Charter Championships. 

Tournament>Reports>Results> (Brief).  This removes certain columns from the report to conform to Newsline requirements.

Tournaments>Post, Error checking has been added that stops any card number with an alpha character (such as new123) from being included in the tournament report to NATSTATS. In order for those records to be included you will need to get the correct card number and fix the Player Profile, Post again and submit to NATSTATS. The only file that can be reported   is called Results00-00-000.txt (ResultsYOUR-TOURNAMENT-NUMBER.txt). You will find this file in C:\HSMasterData directory.

Setup>Database> The "Browse" field is defaulted to the C:\HSMasterData directory

Setup>Settings> Line#3 Round Robin Card Style: 1= Card; 2=Folded; 3=2Up. 1 is the Original. 2 is where the bottom half is the schedule and the top is the Name so it is folded to get the end result. 3 is where two distinct players print on each sheet and they are cut in half.

Setup>Settings> Line #6   entering "Y"   is used when "Posting" and will open your default E Mail Program with the your tournament results attached. "Y" works well with Outlook and Aol. Entering "N" will create the file and store it in the C:\HSMasterData directory called "Results00-00-000.txt" where 000 is your tournament number. "N" is best used for Yahoo and Gmail users.


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