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Latest Version is 1.1.187 July 6, 2014

Version 1.1.196 has been released and is now available for downloads. If you are using version 143 or later (click on "About" to see your version number), all you need to do is run install and it will overwrite your older version. If you are using an earlier version than 143 you will need to read the "install" notes on the HSMaster Installation page before installing version 187. Go to http://www.horseshoepitching.com/HSMaster/install.html to get this exciting new upgrade.

Refer to the Installation page to get this exciting new upgrade.

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What's new since version 161

There has been many improvements on the ScoreChecker function and it is highly recommended that you use this function when entering tournaments. The function not only catches errors on the score sheet, but also catches errors that the data entry person can and will make, for example: if you enter 500 shoes, or 55 ringers in a 50 shoe game, the program will not allow the data to be accepted. When that happens look at the bottom left of your screen for the error message. The "SglP" column now records and remembers the single points eliminating the need to constantly reenter that data info each you go back into to correct data entry or whatever. Remember, when entering in a handicap class the single points plus the handicap needs to be entered, (7 single points and a handicap of 14 is entered as 21). If you need a score sheet that is designed for HSM visit the HSMaster help desk (add link).

Cursor movement on the data entry screen has improved. When you have a shoe limit game and you open that class for data entry, the cursor will land in the "Pts." column. If that class has unlimited shoes (used for point games), and you entered "0" in the Tournament Setup in the "shoes" column, then the cursor will land on the "Shoes" column when you open the class. This eliminates errors and key strokes.

On the Data entry screen a check box for "Forfeit "appears. This allows you to assign a forfeit to a person for one or multiple games. What you will see on the reports is a "-F" for the person who forfeited and a "+F" for the opponent. If no shoes were thrown (no pacer was used), be sure to correct the shoes pitched column to zero. The program will get the wins and losses right. The Head to Head function has been corrected on both the Singles and Doubles tournaments. The "Player Profile" section has 4 new columns for data collection and storage; Cell phones, Email, Awards and Emergency Info have been added. Use these as you see fit. The Excel import has improved to include these fields as well.

The "Category" field have two more selections: S = Senior Men and L = Senior lades. These are used primarily for World and State events.

Importing Natstats now has a new selector called "Update Names". Please use this each time you update your stats from the Natstats web page. This function will correct your database (names) to match the National Database thus reducing errors when you report events to NATSTATS.

The Tournament Reporting process now has an error trap that reacts if you have a new person with no card number. That person will not appear in the output until you have corrected that field. Tournament entries screen now shows the combined name, (first and last) as well as the NHPA card number and current year status. Current year status is something you as TD must maintain unless your charter does that via a group or shared database. This is very handy to catch tournament entries that don't have current cards.

On tournament reports, both singles and double, you will see "Rank". This tells you the order that HSMaster has used to rank the standings. The rank was selected for that class is set in Tournament Setup and basically determines how ties are broken. The Sanction # and Date have been added simply as added information for handouts and postings. Rank will also be exported for those who need it for their web sites.

The use of HSMaster to run and administer horseshoe pitching leagues is possible but will be enhanced to cover more League Director's wishes as we move forward. One new feature in this version that should help leagues that use "Winning Pct." for various awards is the addition of a new column entitled "Winning%". This can be found in the league "Stats Report".

In the "Setup"/"Settings" section, a setting "Additional World Tournament Warnings ON" has been added. With this function "On", warnings pop up about missing games when attempting to printout final results and double checks to see if you have the correct rounds when printing "Round Robin" cards. These functions will have no consequences for average tournament usage. The tab "Tournament Results Vertical Offset" is a special setting and should be left at 0. The "Omit Phone Numbers from Entries Report" tab can be turned to "Y" if desired for whatever reason, privacy for example.

On the "Tournament Reports" page, the "Move Up" function allows the program to figure "move-ups" from any number of combined classes in order to fill the WT Championship Classes. You may choose any number of players to be put on the list in case of ties and to have alternates. This function may help with Charter Singles but is used primarily at the WT.

When setting up Classes in "Optional Class Definitions", the process has been streamlined by automatically using the date from the "Tournament" setup and will continually duplicate class data, except "Name" for subsequent Classes including; "Date/Time", "ShPg", "TieBreaker" "Format", and "NoPa". Any of these can be overridden at any time and the new data will then be duplicated. This was much needed for all, but especially in large tournaments, Thanks Kurt.

An "Override Class Rank" function has been added to the bottom of the tournament data entry page. This tab was designed to accommodate events that use a ladder playoff which could result in the program sorting the wrong player into first place. The function allows for manual manipulation of the standings and will rarely be used outside of the WT.

If you have any questions on how any of the improvements work or encounter errors, please contact the HSMaster Help Desk

The HSMaster Council appreciates all the input from the NHPA members that have contributed to this update and as always, a very special thanks to Kurt Whaley for the endless time and energy he has given and used to create this masterful program.

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